05 May 2009

RCHS Update

Meet Bola.

Cute, eh?

Bola is currently available for adoption at the Rutland County Humane Society. You can go read about him over on their website, but I think I have cuter pictures. And I won't accuse him of being unmannered. Unmanned, yes, but not unmannered. He has manners, they're just not entirely appropriate for most human households.

First let's have some stats on good 'ol Bola, and then we'll get on to the cute pictures.

Shar Pei Look-a-like Wrinkly Forehead and Ears?


Happy Bully Grin?


Serious Dog Expression?


Big Muddy Feet?


White Spot on Right Hind Foot?


Airplane Ears?

definite check!

Bola and I went hiking in Pittsford today. This is what the trail looked like from Bola's point of view.

This is what Bola looked like from my point of view as he tried to climb back up the vertical riverbank.

It's a good thing he was wearing my dog harness instead of the one from the humane society, or I wouldn't have had a handle to pull him back up the bank.

Bola was up for adventure today when we went out. I no sooner got him back on the trail, and he decided to dig to China.

Once the Great Dig had been averted, Bola made another attempt at the river. Until he realized just how chilly the water was and he executed an emergency screeching halt.

All the mud necessitated a good scrub down when we returned to the car.

And all the digging, climbing, and screeching halting necessitated a nap.

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Stargirl said...

Great pics! Looks like the outing was a success.