01 January 2009

One Track Mind

It turns out that I have a one track mind. This was discovered this morning. Boss Lady toasted a bagel for breakfast, but she didn't have much time and was forced to consume it whilst also preparing me for my morning trip outside. I wasn't at all interested in the trip outside, I was only interested in the toasted bagel. Toasted bagels are yummy.

Boss Lady had to set down the toasted bagel when she put her boots on. She put the bagel on the bannister; there's this nifty little spot on the railing that is perfect for the setting down of small items. Setting the bagel on the bannister created something of a problem for me. See, I sit in a specific spot while waiting for the door to open. But, I'm also not supposed to get too near Boss Lady's food. She's get downright attitudinous if I dare even think about enjoying a mere sniff of her food. I couldn't sit in my normal door opening spot, because that would put me too near the bagel. At the time, I didn't want to lose sight of the bagel, because you never know when things will fall on the floor and be donated to the dog. One must always be prepared for such occassions. I settled on sitting as far from bagel as possible and staring at it with utter devotion. Boss Lady had to order me out the door.

I hurriedly took care of things outside, and then hurriedly came back inside. I didn't want anything to happen to that toasted bagel while we were gone. Fortunately, nothing had happened. It was sitting in the exact same spot when we re-entered. So, I took up my spot as far away as possible and continued staring. Boss Lady glared at me. She refused to entertain the idea of sharing the toasted bagel. I followed her out to the kitchen, still staring at the bagel. I may have drooled a little bit along the way. Boss Lady became more and more annoyed. Then she looked at the clock, realized she was late, considered whether she was more interested in filling her stomach with the bagel or freezing her hands while she ate the bagel on the drive to work, decided the bagel really wasn't all that important, and tossed it to me. WooHoo! Dog scores toasted cream cheese bagel for breakfast! "Fine. Eat it. It wasn't toasted properly anyways." She said to me, as she rushed out the door. She must be picky, I thought it was toasted just fine. Could have done with more cream cheese, but oh well.

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