03 January 2009

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Apparently, today was Take Your Dog To Work Day. I was not aware of this holiday, nor, in fact, was Boss Lady. Despite our ignorance, Boss Lady managed to comply with this unannounced and secret holiday. You'll want to know how I enjoyed my day at the office, I'm sure. Well, I didn't. That is, I didn't go. Instead, she took my dog hair. Enough hair to make a whole 'nother dog. Or so she says. I think this has something to do with the hair she found in her cocoa while she was working on paperwork. Plus the 3 hairs she found in her pork chops and rice combo she ate for lunch. Not to mention all the hairs clinging to her shirt, sweater, coat, gloves, and even hat. That's what she reported to me this evening, anyway. Are you sure? I asked her. I really shed that much? I don't believe you. You must be cheating on me with some other highly shedding dog.

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