15 October 2008

Channeling Fred

Look, I’m not stupid. I know how this game is played. You take a bowl of food out of the fridge. You tilt it up and pour stuff out of it. There is a very good chance some of that stuff is going to end up on the floor. I’m just sitting here waiting for that very good chance. And, yes, it does increase that very good chance if I tilt my head the way you are tilting the bowl. No, it is not amusing to tilt the bowl as much as possible just to see how far I can tilt my head. I don’t know why this process confuses you so much.


Stark Raving Zen said...

Boss Lady is so unreasonable. It is obvious that it is her ignorance which causes her to find humor in your tactics. Tilt on, big fellah. Tilt on.


michele said...

Honestly! How do we manage to put up with them day after day?

Stargirl said...

They need constant training, and sadly you will just have to put up with it.

In sympathy,

Stargirl said...
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