29 October 2008

And You're Supposed To Be The Smart One

This morning it was cold. Very cold. Snowy cold. Boss Lady was up fairly early and decided we needed to make a morning trip to the grocery store for some cupcake supplies. (Too bad the stupid grocery store didn't have all the necessary cupcake supplies.) She warned me that it was cold out. She put on her warm fleece jacket. She explained that she had to be toasty warm before going out in the snowy cold. She put on her warm felted wool hat. She told me not to blame her if my toes got cold. She looked around for her gloves. She reminded me one more time just how winterish the temps were. Then she slipped on a pair of purple crocs. These are non-fleecy lined, very full of holes, great for the swimming hole crocs. And she warned me about the cold toes.

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