01 November 2008

RCHS Update

I'm very happy to report that Julianne was adopted to what I am told is a wonderful family. So, when I arrived at RCHS today to give a dog a hike I got to take Manny. He was a total sweetheart. In fact, he was so thrilled to be going on a hike that he had to pause for a moment to consider his good fortune. Please forgive the blurriness, Manny wasn't particularly good at holding still.

I'd like to report that Manny only pulled on the leash a couple times, and was really quite an angel. Except for those couple totally psychotic spazz attacks. Manny apparently took offense with the harness and leash. Granted, the harness was a bit too large, but still. He twice found it necessary to attack the leash in a grand game of tug of war. And when I attempted to stop him from chewing my brand new rope leash, he decided to take out his frustration on the harness. While trying prevent him from destroying anything, I managed to get pretty thoroughly chewed on. Manny decided that my hands were fine chew toys, and my sleeves were fine tug toys. Fortunately, his heart wasn't really in it and I don't even have one scratch to show for the whole thing. So much for vicious, dangerous pit bulls with locking jaws, eh?

Isn't he just the cutest little brindle boy?

Now, I dare you to you to look into his eyes and not think he is the cutest thing ever.

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