13 November 2008

RCHS Update

Better late than never, I always say.

Boss Lady duly visited RCHS on Tuesday. Upon inquiry as to who needed hiking, she was most disappointed to discover that her options were Flash the beagle, or Chelsea the beagle mix. Sadly, Boss Lady is not a huge fan of beagles. It's not that there's anything wrong with beagles, per se, it's simply that Boss Lady greatly prefers to keep her arms attached to her body and beagles greatly prefer to detach said arms. Boss Lady has yet to encounter a leashed beagle that did not immediately and at all times pull, hard, on the leash. Really, if you're going to walk a beagle you might as well simply detach your arm at the shoulder, hand it to the beagle and be done with it. Because when you're done with the walk, that's how things will stand. But, feeling too guilty to simply run away from the beagles and deprive one of them from a much needed hike, Boss Lady ventured forth to meet Flash and Chelsea.

As it turns out, Flash is your standard, every day, run of the mill beagle, and Chelsea is a cute little brindle beagle x pit bull mix. Being partial to brindle's, and having never had anything but positive experiences with pit bulls, Boss Lady opted for Chelsea as a hiking companion. She harnessed her up, and loaded her in the car. (And here is where I would like to happily thank Boss Lady for finally investing in a new and appropriately sized harness so that she no longer has to steal and resize my personal harness each time she goes and cheats on me. I mean, it's bad enough that she's playing with another dog, there's no need to steal my adventuring gear to do so.)

What with the increasing number of "designer breeds" these days, Boss Lady would like to suggest an appropriate name for Chelsea's "designer breed:" Pit Bugle. Chelsea, as the prime example of her breed, is as loud and obnoxious as a bugle at sunrise. So obnoxious, in fact, that after the short 5 minute ride to their hiking destination Boss Lady was ready to drop Chelsea in a pit and run away. Thus, Pit Bugle.

Aside from this noisy annoyance, Chelsea was a nicely behaved little girl and didn't even try very hard to pull Boss Lady's arm out of the socket.

Also at RCHS on Tuesday was an absolutely adorable GSD puppy. Just adorable. She was maybe 6-8 months old, and almost silvery colored. Her name is Lucy. I think I am quite lucky that Boss Lady is currently in a living situation where she is not able to bring home another dog. Lucy would surely have come home with her otherwise.

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