28 November 2008

The Cursed Middle Man

Most evenings Boss Lady, Boss Lady's Mother and Boss Lady's Father all gather in the living room to relax. Usually the television is turned on, although they tend to multi-task and/or fall asleep. During these times when all the humans are gathered together in one room, I like to gorge on attention. I'm not overly particular about who gives me attention, so long as someone is. And I'm not overly particular about what kind of attention is it. Getting patted on the top of the head until my brain shakes out my ear is pretty much the same as having someone throw Mr. Green, as far as I'm concerned.

This evening, the sitting arrangement was somewhat changed. Boss Lady's Father was reclining in the ancient recliner, while Boss Lady curled up on the couch. The ancient recliner provides a better position from which I can chase Mr. Green, so I presented Boss Lady's Father with Mr. Green. He wasn't interested in playing toss, so he handed Mr. Green to Boss Lady, and she tossed him. I fetched Mr. Green and presented him to Boss Lady's Father again. Boss Lady's Father handed Mr. Green to Boss Lady, and she tossed him. I fetched him and presented him to Boss Lady's Father. Who handed him to Boss Lady. Who threw him. We continued with this game for several more throws until Boss Lady's Father finally informed me that he would prefer to not be poked in the crotch with a tennis ball one more time. Boss Lady told me I'd probably have more luck continuing the game if I eliminated the middle man.

I tried Boss Lady's version of the game, and found it somewhat lacking. Half the fun of the game is hearing all the odd little squeaks and squawks Boss Lady's Father makes when I poke him in the crotch. It's hard to poke Boss Lady in the crotch when she has a computer on her lap. And even when she doesn't have the computer, she doesn't make any fun noises; she just tells me to get my nose out of there. What with the fun of the game ruined, I decided it would be more fun to take a nap. Sometimes you really do need a middle man.

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