14 November 2008

Do You Think There'll Be A Recall?

I like to sleep in front of the couch. Right in front of the couch. Then I like to get annoyed when any of the humans put their feet over me to stand up. I give them dirty looks and dare them to touch the toy that is 3 feet away and I have been totally ignoring for the past 2 hours. Boss Lady gives me a dirty look in return, and then scritches my belly. Then she tells me I'm defective. I'm missing a tickle button. All dogs are supposed to have a tickle button, but I don't have one. No matter how much she scritches my belly, my leg never starts kicking. Apparently this is some sort of problem for her. So, I sneeze a big, wet sneeze on her. Then she stops looking for my tickle button. It's good to know at least my boogers aren't defective.

1 comment:

michele said...

LOL! I also like to lay directly in front of the couch! I like to bat them with my paw if they try to walk over me. Try it, it's fun!