18 November 2008

Can't You Behave For Just 5 Minutes?

The Boss Lady had this past weekend off. She ran away without me on Saturday, and tried to appease me with a fake adventure on Sunday. The fake adventure involved driving to The Mall, and leaving me in the car while she went inside to Play. With. Other. Doggies. Boss Lady and Boss Lady's Mother claimed they needed to go inside The Mall to do a quick Christmas shopping trip. However, the last time I checked, you couldn't get doggies at The Mall. Her story is that Fast Friends, a Grey Hound rescue group, had some adoptable Grey Hounds looking for homes. She claims that she simply couldn't walk by the doggies without saying hello. She claims that she only petted one of them for a couple minutes. She claims that I have nothing to worry about and she will not be bringing home any Grey Hounds. Just once I'd like her to go somewhere and not come back smelling like another dog. Just once I'd like her to come home without another dog's dog hair all over her coat.

Just so you know, taking me for a *very* short walk along the nature trail behind The Mall doesn't count as an adventure. Nor does it put you back in my good graces after cheating on me with those Grey Hounds.

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