23 November 2008

So, what gives?

I, Boss Lady, am going to address you, Loyal Readers, directly today in an effort to diagnose what seems to be a problem: lack of Loyal Readers. Heck, lack of any readers. I realize that I am not as prolific a writer as one would wish. I strive to post daily, although it more often ends up only twice or thrice weekly. But, I seem to have a severe shortage of visitors. Even during the times when I'm successful at posting daily, I only get a few visitors a day. What's worse, the visitors I do get don't stick around long enough to even read anything. According to my hit counter, the majority of my visitors leave immediately. When I pimp my blog, I do tend to get more visitors, but the visit lengths still don't increase. Far too many people leave before they even get through the door. I try to get around to other blogs I like, and even leave comments in the hopes of increasing my visitors. I'm not sure what else to do.

So, you've got to tell me what's wrong. Is it my voice? My writing style? My content? Is it simply that I don't write often enough? Is it really that picture at the top of my blog? Because I happen to think that picture is awesome and creative and just perfect for this blog. But, if the readers really think it's scary, I guess I can replace it with something friendlier. Or am I just stuck in a dark, unpopulated, little corner of the world?


Anonymous said...

I have the same issue. The majority of traffic that I have received has come from people whose searches for ugly dog pictures have brought them to my site, or a tag embed from a fox news blog... which scared me.

Stargirl said...

I read you, I really do! Just sometimes I don't have a comment, or I think I'll do it later--or I have trouble with the dang sign in thingy. But your writing is great! The pic at the top is great!