18 November 2008

You're Fired

I think I've mentioned that the Boss Lady is my typist. She's also my do-er of all things internet related. Which means she's kinda sorta pretty much totally in charge (and control) of this whole blog thing. And, as of the other day, she's fired. Why, you ask? Because she broke my blog. *I did not break your blog. It still works perfectly fine.* Yeah, well, it looks all ugly now. I'm a handsome dog, I can't have an ugly blog.

It all started when she saw the little update thing from the blogger people about this new "reactions" feature. Considering that my readers don't seem particularly willing to leave feedback in the form of comments, Boss Lady thought this "reactions" feature might be helpful. Plus, she had some great categories all thought up (we'll get into that later.) She went ahead and turned on the reactions feature, only to discover that her category names were too long. She pared them down and tried again. She finally got them all listed, then looked at the blog and discovered they aren't visible. So, she played around with the blog layout, and the format, and all that sort of thing. In the end, she still couldn't make the reactions categories visible and now I'm stuck with this ugly blog. I don't know exactly what's different than before, but I know something is. And I don't like it.

As for those reactions categories, here they are:

Shrew(woohoo!)sbury (always off leash, always fun)

Moosalamoo (sometimes off leash, always fun)

Pine Hill Park (never off leash, still lots of fun)

Walk Around The Block (never off leash, but at least it's not:

Stuck In The House (rarely fun)

You, Loyal Reader, may feel free to post one line comments including whichever reaction category you think best describes your enjoyment of any given entry. Or you can continue to not post comments, leaving me feeling unloved.

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