25 November 2008

RCHS Update

This morning Boss Lady managed to make her way to RCHS early enough that she was able to take a hike before the weather started. Blazer was the dog of the day today. He's a big, beefy black lab mix. He was desperately in need of some exercise, so Boss Lady went outside to collect him from the outdoor exercise pen. As she was headed towards the pen, one of the fellows who works at RCHS offered to leash up Blazer for her. Well, Boss Lady isn't some wimpy toothpick, she's perfectly capable of leashing up a dog. Even a large, excitable, ill mannered black lab. Besides the fact that if she couldn't handle leashing him up, she probably shouldn't be walking him at all. Boss Lady thanked the fellow, but told him she didn't need any help. She also told him she planned to use a harness anyway, and she was perfectly capable of wrestling him into a harness. The fellow laughed and wished her, "Good luck with that."

He doesn't look so bad, now does he?

Boss Lady grabbed the harness and leash out of the car and marched up to Blazer's pen. She looked at him: big, beefy lab. She looked at the harness: a medium sized harness, currently sized just about as small as it could be. She took a couple moments to resize, all the while thinking that it just figures the one time she doesn't bring my larger harness is the day she needs it. Then she stepped inside the pen and greeted Blazer. He jumped on her, of course. And he wasn't particularly interested in being harnessed up. She managed to get it over his head, and to get his one leg through it. But, when she tried to clip it she realized she was going to have to expand it as much as possible. She managed to pull it off Blazer, and fix it, and put it back on him. Then she leashed him up (which really wasn't any trouble at all compared to the harnessing) and led him to the car.

Blazer turned out to be a pretty good boy. He jumped on her a lot, mostly immediately after he had run through mud. He pulled, but he also stopped and looked at her quite a bit. He sniffed a lot, and very much wanted to play in the water. He discovered that iced over mud puddles provide a certain kind of fun, as long as one doesn't go psycho puppy and try to spin in circles whilst in the middle of the frozen mud puddle. At one point he decided he was tired and, without warning, flopped down on his side in the middle of a particularly torn up and muddy section of the trail.

Aside from the drizzling rain that started about half way through, it was a nice hike with a happy companion.

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