14 December 2008

Just Keeping You On Your Toes

You probably don't know this, but we have 2 front doors. One is the front door, leading into the kitchen with coat hooks and a shoe rack, a nice bench for sitting on, and baskets for holding hats and mittens and what-all. The other is the front hall door which leads into the front hall where there are more coat hooks, another shoe rack, and a cute wrought iron hat and mitten tree. In the winter we use the front hall door, due to ice build up in front of the front door. All last winter we used the front hall door. We very rarely went in or out the front door. All summer, up until a couple months ago, Boss Lady only used the front hall door. I never got used to this routine. Every time Boss Lady asked me if I wanted to go out, I would go racing to the front door, while she headed for front hall door to get her shoes and coat. No matter how many times we went through the front hall door, I still thought the front door was the door we would use. Then, a couple months ago, the door handle fell off the front hall storm door and we pretty much discontinued use of that entry way. Which is exactly when I started racing to the front hall door to request a trip outside, while Boss Lady was headed to the front door for her shoes and coat. Boss Lady was exasperated by this. Now that it's full blown winter, and we have a nice coating of ice building up in front of the front door, we have rigged a Yankee Doorknob and begun using the front hall door again. And I'm still racing to the front hall door for trips outside. Boss Lady wonders how long this will last before I start running to the wrong door again.

The Yankee Doorknob

Speaking of doors, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Boss Lady was right about the icy porch=pug nose scenario. As I mentioned, we're getting ice build up on the porch. Yesterday, during my she-just-came-home-from-work trip outside, Boss Lady set me free to race towards the door. I was so excited by the snow, and the prospect of supper, that I raced even faster than normal towards the front door. Paired with a nice layer of ice all across the porch, I managed to slide none too gracefully into the front door with a crash. Apparently, this is what it feels like to have a shortened nose.

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Stark Raving Zen said...

Uh oh! You're going to have to start wearing a protective hell-mutt to prevent those squished nose incidents! Be careful Colyn!

Hugs and Sniffs,
Fin and Arya