03 December 2008

RCHS Update

Today's visit to the RCHS introduced me to Reno. He looks surprisingly like a coyote, doesn't he?

He's very sweet, though. His write up says he doesn't like to be handled, but he didn't mind putting on his harness at all. Well, except for the fact that it's all pinks and purples and flowers, and coyote look-a-likes don't wear flowers. Reno, and I just have to say that I think that name is all wrong for him. I don't have any suggestions, but Reno doesn't fit. Reno loves butt scritches, and neck scritches, and head scritches, and pretty much any scritches he can receive. I took him for a hike in Pittsford, and he was very well behaved. He's pretty laid back, but don't be fooled; there's still some puppy in there. Or maybe it's just Husky mischievousness. He wanted to chase the stick I picked up, and he got all bouncy in the tall grass. He even wanted to go wading in the river. What is it with dogs and water when it's cold?!? I do not allow swimming when it's only 40 degrees. Sheesh.

He wasn't very cooperative with the camera. He refused to turn around and look at me, so my first few photos were of his butt. Then I realized that if I wrapped the rope around a sign post, then I could anchor him in place while I walked around to face him. Even with that trick, he wasn't very cooperative.

He was pretty sure there was something behind him, and it was far more interesting than some chick in front of him with a camera. By the by, he doesn't know the word biscuit, or treat, or popcorn, or cookie.

He was disgusted that I wouldn't let him go where he wanted. He was annoyed at the anchoring. This is the dirty look he gave me. I ended up with lots of dirty look pictures.

When it became obvious that his dirty look wasn't going to sway me, he opted to just look pathetic. Why is it that dogs with bat ears can do such a great pathetic look?

When the pathetic look didn't earn him any freedom, either, he tapped into his husky side and told me exactly what he thought about the photo shoot. And he wasn't exactly polite.

Did you notice the blurry tail in these pictures? That's because his tail never stopped wagging during the entire hike. Seriously. He wagged and wagged and wagged. Everything was waggingly terrific. Riding in the car was fun (and he was very well behaved), getting out of the car was fun, getting into the car was fun, hiking was fun. Basically, everything was fun, and everything warranted tail wagging.


Stargirl said...

You gotta love a dog like that. I love his bat ears! Very expressive.

Stark Raving Zen said...

What a sweet boy. It's like he's not sure how to have fun... Poor baby.