13 December 2008

Who Says I Don't Contribute?

One of Boss Lady's most frequent complaints about me is that I fail to contribute monetarily to the household income, while at the same time demanding a certain not so small chunk of the household budget for my upkeep. She has contrived several different options to generate some sort of income from me, ranging from dog powered electricity for the house, to renting me out as a lumberjack. None of her options have been realistic, and thus all have remained unattempted. After the other day, though, Boss Lady will no longer be able to say that I never contribute monetarily to the household income.

On the same day that we adventured the mini-adventure at the Rugby Field/Swamp, which provided the entertaining videos from my previous post, I found 4 returnable bottles. At five cents per bottle, I am proud to report to the IRS twenty cents of income. Had Boss Lady not been forced, under threat of physical damage to the house, to take me for an energy expending adventure, I would not have been able to find these bottles, and she would not have been able to carry the bottles home and add them to the nickel bottle barrel. Thus, we have my not insignificant contribution to the household income.

And, just to be sure she didn't at some future point fail to recall this instance, I made sure to create photographic evidence, which I will share here with you.

Just in case you were wondering, I prefer Labbatt's Blue over Michelob Ultra.

Here I am totally destroying the Labbatt's Blue can in order to fully enjoy each drop of liquid left in the can.

Here you can see, up close and personal, how thoroughly I damaged the can in my quest for yumminess.

As the first picture showed, I did not similarly attack and destroy the Michelob Ultra can. It just didn't taste as good.

Finally, because Boss Lady was unable to produce a post that fluidly included the following picture, I will allow it to be posted here. It is one more picture from the recent mini-adventure to the Rugby Field. Yes, that is a leaf hanging off my chin. I allowed it to hang there for quite awhile, actually. Five or ten minutes to be exact. I would like to point out that my willingness to allow a dead leaf to hang from my chin is in no way suggestive of a non-studly dog. Once again, Boss Lady is tarnishing my image as a handsome, studly dog.

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Stark Raving Zen said...

I don't know, Colyn. I think it is quite studly. It screams rugged dog of the Vermont wilderness to me. Quite sexay indeed!

Here's winkin' at chu,