24 December 2008


Do you remember how I received a package from Star, Winnie, and Tim the other day? And it had a fun stuff your own squeaky toy inside? Boss Lady thought it was so cute that she stuffed it immediately. She let me sniff it. Then she threw it a couple times. But, she didn't let me play with too much. She was afraid I would destuffinate it before she could get any fun pictures. During this little while when we played with the toy, she referred to it as Squeaky Hedgehog.

Last night, while Boss Lady was relaxing in front of the fire and surfing the internet, I decided that I wanted to play. I brought her bagel and spinner and Mr. Green. But, those weren't the toys I really wanted to play with. I wanted to play with the forbidden Squeaky Hedgehog. Boss Lady thought maybe it was a good time to play with Squeaky Hedgehog, too.

Prepare to be destuffinated, Squeaky Hedgehog.

Boss Lady would like to announce that Star, Winnie, and Tim are geniuses. I've never played with a stuffy toy, without destroying it, as long as I played with Squeaky Hedgehog. Usually, I chase a stuffed toy for about 10 minutes before I started ripping it apart. Last night I chased Squeaky Hedgehog for 45 minutes and never made a single hole. I shook it and tossed it and fetched without hurting it at all. Boss Lady was very impressed.

Which brings us to Tyrone. Tyrone was not at all impressed. Tyrone made his feelings perfectly clear.

If you come near me with that damn squeaky hedgehog, so help me you’ll end up with a leaky nose quicker than you can say squeak.

And the same goes for you and that damn camera, Lady.

Tyrone is something of a stick in the mud when it comes to playing. He hates it when I get rambunctious.

I’ve got my eye on you, so don’t try anything funny.

Then the funniest thing happened. I gave Squeaky Hedgehog a particularly wild throw, and it bounced off the chair right above Tyrone's head. If you've ever wanted to see a Portrait of a Pissed off Cat, I've got one for you.

Throwing squeaky hedgehog at me qualifies as something funny. And I don't find it amusing.

I thought maybe if I shared my toy, Tyrone would understand the fun better. I was wrong.

It squeaks. It’s covered in dog slobber. It is inherently offensive. What the hell is it doing invading my space?

The only other thing I could think of to try was the goofy look.

Is it working?

And, because one more picture of Tyrone can't hurt,

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