06 December 2008

Now You're Looking For A Fight

Boss Lady and Boss Lady’s Mother took me for a walk today. It wasn’t an adventure, it wasn’t even a mini-adventure, but it was better than being stuck in the house all day. We took the usual route, which involves walking up the hill past the two dogs that are sometimes outside and bark at me, walking down the other side of the hill past the cedar hedge that Boss Lady won’t let me pee on, through the swamp where Boss Lady does let me pee, and then past the house that has only had a dog outside a couple times but I always remember to check. It also involves walking past the house with the 2-3 dogs outside in the yard who sound like they want to kill me. Boss Lady and I both dislike those dogs because we’ve had words with their owner.

Today, as we rounded the corner where that house sits, Boss Lady’s Mother went a little ahead of us and out into the road to scout for us. She reported that the dogs weren’t out, and we continued without any problems. But, passing the house jogged Boss Lady’s memory and she told Boss Lady’s Mother about what happened the other day. Boss Lady and I were taking a walk, along the usual route, and as we turned the corner and approached That House, we were met face to face by the more vicious of the dogs, a black and white BC looking dog. Instead of being hitched in the yard where it’s at least 3-4 feet from the sidewalk, it was hitched to the front of the house, where it can practically step into the road, and it has complete control of the sidewalk. As soon as it saw us it started barking ferociously. Boss Lady stopped and looked at it. She waited for someone to come outside and control the dog. When no one came outside, we were forced to step out into the middle of the road to walk past the house.

Boss Lady was furious. After that time the owner accused us of being the reason his dogs bark, she has had it out for him. But, there was nothing she could do to him. Despite their barking and annoying behavior, the dogs were always chained in the yard and couldn’t actually reach the sidewalk. There was no legitimate reason Boss Lady could call animal control to complain. Recently, though, the owner is giving Boss Lady more and more reasons to complain. Twice in the last couple months the dogs have been loose, completely loose, in the yard when we walked by. Fortunately for all of us, the owner noticed us before the dogs did and he took them inside. Now we have the dog chained on the sidewalk, blocking the way for all pedestrians. Boss Lady can’t wait for it to happen again. You can bet she’ll be on the phone as soon as we get home. Boss Lady is not a lady to mess with when it comes to my safety.

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