27 September 2008

Chocolate: Not Just For Dessert

The Boss Lady decided to make a birthday cake for one of the women at work. She baked a nice chocolate, giant cupcake shaped cake last night (during the debate). She carefully put it on a plate, covered it with handiwrap and put it in the microwave so I wouldn’t eat it. She planned to frost it this morning, and then have plenty of time to take me for a mini-adventure before going to work.

Then Boss Lady’s Sister came home in the middle of the night. Boss Lady’s Sister was hungry, so she popped some food into the microwave. Of course, she had to take the cake out first. And she never put the cake back in the microwave.

Guess who had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning.

For the record, I only ate half of it. It was really good, but I was just too full to eat the rest. When Boss Lady got up this morning and discovered what I had done, she was really steamed. I mean steamed. I could see the smoke pouring out of her ears. Smoke rarely pours out of her ears. She refused to give me any breakfast, and she canceled our mini-adventure. Instead of going for a hike or a bike, she baked a new cake and managed to finish it just in time to go to work. All I got was a short walk around the block and a lot of dirty looks. Note to self: chocolate cake for breakfast might not be the best idea.

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fabusofamily said...

Long time no bark Colyn! I cannot believe your mom does what mine does! Food in the microwave! Way to go! Dudley