10 September 2008

In Her Old Age

About a month ago, Boss Lady celebrated another birthday. I might have mentioned it. She’s 27 now. I might not have mentioned that. I don’t know if that added year is what made the difference, but Boss Lady seems to be getting braver in her old age. Either that or she’s not paying attention. Lately, Boss Lady has been experimenting with off leash behavior in the yard. She puts on my leash, takes me out the door, wanders me around the yard, and somewhere along the way she nonchalantly drops the leash and just uses voice commands. So, far, I’ve done excellently. No chasing of cats or kids or bikes. No making her think I was going to run off. No refusing to come back in the house. No problems at all. But, don’t think I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just biding my time, putting her at ease and waiting until she isn’t paying attention. Then I’ll make my move. And that obnoxious squirrel that sits on the bird feeder laughing at me will be the first to know about my new freedom.

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