21 September 2008

It Was My Idea

It all started simply enough. Boss Lady was hungry, but couldn’t decide what to eat. She opened the fridge, but all she found was an odd odour. She opened the freezer and only found ice cream and a big turkey breast. She opened the cupboard and found lots of crackers, but nothing substantial. She opened the fridge again, because something new might have appeared in the last 5 minutes. When the odour started bothering her, she grabbed the first thing that seemed likely to appease her hunger and shut the door. What had she grabbed? Crabapple jelly. Why? Because when all else fails eat PB&J. It’s always good. She grabbed the peanut butter and made her sandwich. When she was done there wasn’t enough left in the peanut butter jar to warrant putting it back in the cupboard. She started to throw it away when she had a sudden thought.

Not too long ago, you’ll recall, she allowed me to lick the crumbs out of the dog food bag. At the time, Boss Lady thought it would be something to give me an empty jar of peanut butter, except we didn’t have an empty jar at that time. Now, here she has an empty jar. Nothing to do but grab her camera and let me at it.

So, this is how it went. She told me to stay and put the jar on the floor in front of me.

Stay? I swear, I won’t move a muscle. If the reward is peanut butter, I won’t even breath until you say the word.

She said the word.

Note the nose smushing going on here.

MMMMMMM This is soooooo good.

Hold still peanut butter jar!

Serious contemplation regarding how to get my tongue to the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

Maybe if I turn my head this way.

Or maybe the other way.

Aha! Gotta come in from the side.

Peanut Butter High.


Mutt Gal said...

I love the smooshed nose picture the best. Once in a while I'll give my dogs the empty PB jar... Char just likes to take the lid off (oh yes! I give it to her with the lid screwed on) and then she lets Wilbur lick out the innards. You should try this with a Parmesan cheese container, too. Just as fun!

Cavewoman said...

I didn't think about giving him the jar with the lid on. I wonder what he would have done? I'll have to try that next time.

Janice said...

Josie likes to lick out the PB jar too. Eventually we have to take it away from her because she starts trying to eat the plastic to get to ALL the PB! I love Colyn's concentration in these pics--so focused on the task at han....er, paw.