20 September 2008

Mixed Metaphors

I’m not sure what to call my adventure this morning. Maybe a run, hike, run. When Boss Lady was little Boss Lady’s Father worked with a fellow who was quite involved in the local foot and bike races. Lacking anything better to do, Boss Lady’s Father used to help out at said races. And Boss Lady used to tag along. She recalls lots of Run, Bike Runs. So, I guess my adventure was a run, hike, run.

I was none to clear what the adventure would be when we got started. Boss Lady collected my harness, rope leash, and back pack. That indicates a hike. She also packed a water bottle and my rope leash in the back pack. That indicates a probably local hike, because we’ll walk to the hiking trail. This could be a hike to the boardwalk, or out at the Rugby field. You’ll note she only packed water for herself. That indicates where ever we’re hiking is wet and I’ll be able to find plenty of water for myself. This rules out either the boardwalk or the Rugby field because neither have large quantities of drinkable water. It could mean swimming at Sabotka’s, but the weather really isn’t that warm. Just when I was thoroughly confused, Boss Lady grabbed my prong collar and short leash, which indicate either a bike ride or regular walk. Paired with the backpack, it must mean some sort of new bike riding adventure.

It was, indeed a bike ride. We went the long way around town and then out to Sabotka’s. And there was a lot more traffic than Boss Lady expected. Fortunately, we did just fine navigating it all. Only a couple people gave us dirty looks for being “in the way.”

Boss Lady’s reason for visiting Sabotka’s was the new hiking trail: The Town Farm Trail. There is a ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow, but I obviously can’t go to that. And Boss Lady really wanted to investigate the new trail. She was worried it would just be a gravel path around the big field near the river. She didn’t expect to be impressed. She thought maybe it would be a nice place for those quick hikes when we don’t have much time. So, she was most surprised to find an actual hiking trail. Through the woods, up a hill, through muddy flats, with lots of tree roots to trip over. We ran out of time to fully explore the trail, but Boss Lady says she’ll go to the ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow, take the “tour” of the trail, and then take me another day.

Oh, and despite the note in the local paper, the trail is not bike friendly. Not at all. Boss Lady does not say this because of the tree roots. Or the steep hill. Or even the narrow planks across the muddy parts. It’s because to reach the trail head you must cross a steel bridge. There are 4 steps up to the bridge and 4 steps down off the bridge. Bikes and stairs don’t mix well. Of course, I suppose you could always ride through the 4 inch deep stream that the bridge crosses. But, Boss Lady doesn’t think that sounds like much fun. It’s ok, though. She’ll just have to invest in a bike chain/lock so we can bike down to the trail and then hike.

A totally unrelated side note: the first person who guesses the meaning of today’s title will receive an as yet undetermined prize. Just post your guess in a comment.

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