30 September 2008

I Told You

Remember Julianna from last week?

Remember how I told you it looked like she was plotting something?

Well, she was. She was plotting to steal from me. The little thief. This morning Boss Lady woke up at a reasonable hour. It was cloudy, but it wasn’t raining. She checked the weather channel and discovered it would probably be cloudy all day (it wasn’t) but it wouldn’t rain (it didn’t.) Good news, this was, as it meant we could go forward with our adventure plans. Boss Lady got dressed in hiking clothes (re: grungy jeans and an old t-shirt). She filled her water bottle. She gathered my harness and my leash and my rope. And she drove away without me.

Julianna stole My Boss Lady, My car, My leash, My rope, My harness, My hike, and My chipmunk. That’s right, during their hike a foolish chipmunk ran across the trail in front of Julianna and she had the opportunity to pounce on it. She didn’t kill it, but she got to pounce it. That should have been My chipmunk and My pounce.

Somebody better take her home soon, because I do not take kindly to her stealing all my stuff. Here, let me remind you how cute she is.

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