24 September 2008

Some Dogs Are Obsessed With Tennis Balls

It’s true. Some dogs are obsessed with Tennis Balls. They want to chase tennis balls 24 hours a day. If a tennis ball makes an appearance, those dogs are totally focused on the tennis ball to the exclusion of all other things. I’m not one of those dogs. Nor is the Boss Lady. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any obsessions. She does. Aside from chocolate and books and writing about every little sneeze I make. Boss Lady is obsessed with television. Colyn, I rarely watch television. Do you even know what an obsession is? Ok, so maybe she’s not obsessed with television in general, but she is obsessed with one particular television show. And season six of that show just started.

In our house, the one television we have is located in the living room. On Sunday, Boss Lady’s Mother removed everything from the living room and painted the floor. This is what the living room will look like for about a week until Boss Lady’s Mother puts all the furniture back.

On Monday, the new season of Boss Lady’s television show started. Hmmmm. How to watch the television when it’s not in the living room? Put the television in the front hall, where the shoes usually live. So, Monday night Boss Lady, Boss Lady’s Mother, and Boss Lady’s Father (who is not actually obsessed with this television show, but does sometimes deign to watch) positioned themselves in the little front hall in front of the television for 2 hours.

They did this again Tuesday night for part two of episode one of season six of her favorite television show. Does this look like an obsession to you? It does to me.

Here’s the most important question: what’s missing from that picture? There are three chairs. There’s a television. There’s not a whole lot of space. And there’s no dog. I was locked in the kitchen because my toenails would mar the floor. Nevermind that I like to watch ballroom dancing, too. Nevermind that I hate being isolated from my Boss Lady during television watching. Nevermind that there was plenty of room for a dog; I could have squeezed in that little space between the tv and the wall. Nope. I was locked in the kitchen. I think it a very unhealthy obsession, one that separates a dog from his Boss Lady. Anybody want to help with an intervention?

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