23 September 2008

RCHS Update

The RCHS Updates used to be a regular part of my blog, back when it was on Dogster. My lack of updates should not be assumed to mean that Boss Lady no longer volunteers at RCHS; she does. Unfortunately, the wet, mosquitoey summer meant that she didn’t volunteer as often. And when she did volunteer she didn’t take dogs for hikes. She didn’t even do anything fun at all. Mostly, she scrubbed doggy swimming pools and scooped poo in the outdoor exercise pens. Once in awhile she attempted a short walk through the path in the woods behind RCHS. While the updates were on hiatus, she met lots of fun dogs. There was Dojo.

And Spot.

She took Spot to the Wallingford Dog Days event, and tortured him.

And lots of others that she never got pictures of.

Today, though, the updates resume. The cool weather has killed off most of the mosquitoes, making it safe to hike in Pittsford once again. Which means the resumption of weekly trips to RCHS to take one special dog for a nice long hike. This week’s lucky dog was Julianne. She was last week’s lucky dog, too. Boss Lady is managing to fall in love with the psycho little devil...erm, I mean, the gorgeous little girl. I guess she is kinda cute.

And she does have some fabulous ears. Boss Lady has a soft spot for ears.

Julianne is pure energy in the form of a smallish dog. She jumps. She runs. She leaps. She races. She pulls on the leash until your arm dislocates. She’s also shy and skittish. But, all of that pales in comparison to her sheer cuteness.

She happens to love water. She’s not so keen on actually swimming, but she does love to splash, or run back and forth in the shallows. She can even be convinced to fetch a log after some coaxing.

And it doesn’t matter how cute she is, I still think she’s an evil little dog. Can’t you just see her plotting some sort of devilry? Like convincing Boss Lady to bring her home.

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Stargirl said...

I think a sister could be fun. Look at Char and Wil. Ah, c'mon, Colyn, give it a go!!