21 August 2008

As It Should Be

A few evenings ago, Boss Lady and I headed out for a walk with Boss Lady’s Mother and Boss Lady’s Father. As we walked up the driveway, the neighbors up the hill started setting off little firecrackers. They were bright and sparkly and pretty. And, more importantly, in honor of me. I very much appreciated the recognition.

Then, as we were walking, Mother Nature contribute to the show with some great lightning strikes. They weren’t near us or anything; they were a couple miles away. But, they were very stunning. Our walk was punctuated with Oooh’s and Aaaaah’s and a few Wow-Look-at-that-one’s. Not too mention Boss Lady’s Mom’s Um-I-think-maybe-we-should-turn-around-and-go-home’s. Inevitably, we did turn around and go home.

Shortened walk that it was, I think more of my walks should be celebrated with such light shows.

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