10 August 2008

No, Nobody Didn't Tell Me

Yesterday was the Boss Lady’s birthday. When she arrived home from work, she and her parents had a mini-celebration during which she opened her presents. All 2 of them. And several cards from friends. Both presents were from her parents. After she had opened said presents, and appreciated them, and thanked her parents for them, she looked at me and inquired as to what I had gotten for her. Me?, I asked. I wasn’t aware I was expected to get anything. I did try to get her some soap, knowing how obsessed with bathing these humans are. Well, truly, I tried to eat the soap, but I was thinking of her while I was eating it. Sure, my thoughts might not have been the purest or most in the birthday spirit, but that isn’t particularly relevant and we needn’t discuss it. The Boss Lady correctly interpreted my blank look to mean that I didn’t get her anything. She replied, “I guess Nobody told you it was my birthday and you were expected to present me a gift.” Well, now that you mention it, no, Nobody (whoever this person may be) didn’t tell me any such thing regarding birthday’s and proper celebratory etiquette. I will do my best to remember next year. But, you better talk to this Nobody person. Who knows what all information Nobody isn’t telling me.

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