24 August 2008

A Boring Update

The Boss Lady forced me to endure yet another bike ride. We’ve been going out several days a week for the past couple weeks. Boss Lady thinks we are doing better because we are now able to bike to the boardwalk regularly. A few days ago I had lots of energy and the temperature was quite cool, so we actually biked well beyond the boardwalk. I still do not enjoy biking. However, as Boss Lady’s Mother reports that I am calmer and more well behaved, Boss Lady deems our biking a great success. She doesn’t have to expend nearly as much energy and I get much more exercise.

Due to this great success, I get the impression that we will be continuing and expanding our biking adventures. I am sure of this because Boss Lady is beginning to discuss the many improvements her bike needs. First, it needs a non-rusted bike chain. The current chain is all rust. This is perhaps due to the fact that it sat in the damp cellar for many years since it was last regularly used (when Boss Lady was in high school.) Second, it needs working brakes. Currently, only the front brake works. The rear break is totally ineffective. (Perhaps this should really be the first improvement.) Fortunately, this hasn’t been a problem yet because we only bike on flat roads and we don’t go very fast. Less related to safe bike functioning, but still very related to safety, the bike needs an actual light on the front and a blinking light on the back. For better visibility now that it gets dark earlier and earlier. Boss Lady also thinks one of those nice handle bar mounted mirrors would be handy. Each time she looks over her shoulder to check for traffic behind us, she drifts to the left. We both agree that a couple water bottles mounted to the bike frame would be nice. I say a couple because I’d rather not have to share a bottle with her. You know, human germs and all. For her comfort, Boss Lady is considering the possibility of a new bike seat. The current one works, certainly, but is less than 100% comfortable for anything longer than 45 minutes, and our current rides have been lasting about 60 minutes. Lastly, the bike needs a name. Boss Lady is very big on naming things, though she is never good at thinking of names. Our current trouble with naming the bike is that Boss Lady cannot decide if the bike is a boy or a girl. I’ve sniffed it quite a few times, and I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.

The one last piece of bike related gear we might need is a car mounted bike rack. Boss Lady has realized that I rather enjoy a bike ride the first and even the second time we follow a particular road. However, after that, I find it very boring and refuse to go very fast. She is now considering traveling short distances to find new places for us to bike. In order to bring the bike with us, she needs a bike rack on the car. As spacious as Jasmine is, there just isn’t room for all three of us at the same time.

Oh, and the Boss Lady belatedly realizes she might be forced to acquire a helmet. She is not particularly excited about this, but she is trying to convince herself it is best for her safety.

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