12 August 2008

Wuss in Boots

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate going out in the rain? Or walking in the yard during/after the rain? Just in cast I haven’t mentioned it, I really hate doing those things. Really. Hate. It. Boss Lady has to drag me out into the wet grass just to piddle. And don’t think about asking me to poo in that situation. I have no problem running through a field of grass taller than I covered in morning dew. I have no problem piddling (multiple times) or pooing (multiple times) in that situation. Of course, that situation also involves an adventure and me being off leash. Piddling or pooing in wet grass in the yard at home on a leash during a non-adventure? Ain’t gonna happen. You can stop complaining, and whining, and coaxing, and trying to convince me that the rain actually is fun. Furthermore, I can assure you that getting me stupid little doggy booties to protect my feet won’t change anything. Except that you will have spent however much money on a new chew toy that I will destroy in mere minutes.

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