02 August 2008

You Furry Four-Legged Nose-Thing

The Boss Lady threw this epithet at me the other day as she was trying to put on her sneakers in preparation for our mini-adventure. Well, yes, I am furry. I try not to be, though. I shed as much as is dogly possible. Perhaps the Boss Lady should consider devoting more time to my grooming. If you did a better job, you wouldn’t be able to call me furry. Four Legged. Again, that is a yes. I don’t see a problem with that. Four legs are far better than two. Just look at the evidence: I can run faster, and farther. I am better able to splash through mud puddles. And digging holes is easier. I’m not sure what to say about the Nose-Thing. I do have a nose. I do use my nose. Maybe I am a Nose-Thing? I don’t know.

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