05 August 2008


Several weeks ago now, but only a couple days after she got her new camera then, Boss Lady took me for a hike in Shrewsbury. A nice long, off leash, run through all the brambles and splash in all the mud puddles kind of hike. I will present for you now, because Boss Lady was too lazy to do so before, a pictorial tour of the event.

When we arrived in Shrewsbury, Boss Lady chose to begin our hike in a different than usual place. She required me to sit and wait politely while she gathered her equipment. I could smell the critters going about their business with no clue of their impending doom. Yet, look how politely I waited.

After Boss Lady finally released me, sans leash, I took off like a shot through the field. Only to discover that the Boss Lady ain't quite so quick. "What's the hold up, eh? This trail is ripe for hiking. Come on!"

One of the thousand little streams traversing our trail. Boss Lady was glad to find so much fresh water for me to splash in.

Despite the fact that we began our hike from a different trail, we ended up in a most familiar place: the Cleaning Off The Mud Stream. This is the stream in which I am required to splash until I am clean of all mud and grime before I can climb back in Boss Lady’s car. I am much opposed to the presence of sticks in my swimming areas. I made quick work of this particular offender.

Of course, whilst I was battling The Stick, Boss Lady was observing nature. I’m pretty sure she snapped more photos of this stupid little dragonfly than she did of me. And the only reason this mere one photo is included is because I had to ask Boss Lady to do the uploading and she snuck this in. If those buggers weren’t so icky, I’d’ve eaten it and solved the whole problem.

Once I was presentably clean, we headed down the road back to the car. Once again, Boss Lady found it necessary to snap-snap-snap away at nature. This time it was butterflies.

Sheesh. How about a little appreciation for critters who are willing to actually hold still for the camera.

Back at the car, I finally found the perfect place to wipe my face.

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