05 August 2008

In the Pitts

Pittsford, that is, and it’s far from the pits. It’s got critters (beavers), water (two whole rivers!), olfactoray pleasantries (dead fish in the middle of a dry field), and duration (the Boss Lady can easily stretch it out for 2 hours of romping good fun). The only thing Pittsford doesn’t have is off-leash funness. Which makes it less fun than Shrewsbury, but not by much.

Despite the fact that she very nearly did not escape with her life, the Boss Lady did manage to snap a few pictures (damn new camera. she says it’s just too much fun) the last time we went to Pittsford. True to her word, we have not returned since.

See? Swimming funness.

Ah, and the old drowned rat syndrome. Which also illustrates nicely how a good water shake starts (at the tail, if you failed to notice.)

The water shake progresses forward.

And there I am nice and dry again. Sort of.

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