10 August 2008

Yes, I can

Apparently, and much to my dismay, it is physically possible to swim while wearing my doggie life vest. The Boss Lady and I, well, really just I, discovered this earlier this week when we attempted our first ever kayaking adventure. Boss Lady rented a kayak for the afternoon/evening and we headed out to what we hoped was a not too busy lake. While I was busy discovering that not only can I swim while wearing my doggie life vest, I can also pull Boss Lady in whatever direction I choose when swimming in my doggie life vest, Boss Lady was busy discovering that a little grace goes a long way. And not much grace doesn’t go very far at all. Yes, she managed to fall in the water, and flip over the kayak in a mere 5” of water while she was trying to get out. And, no, it was not my fault; I was obediently maintaining a down/stay safely out of the way.

Due to the anticipation of the possibility of her getting a little wet, we do not have pictures to prove our adventure. You’ll have to take my word for it. While Boss Lady may have been dumb enough to bring both her cell phone and car keys in the kayak with us (though she was smart enough to put them in a water proof bag in her pocket), she was not dumb enough to bring her digital camera in the kayak with us. Perhaps next time she’ll bring a friend to snap pictures. Or, perhaps, I will eat my doggie life vest and there will be no next time. Here’s hoping...

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