17 August 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name

Another of the Boss Lady’s shortcomings is her inability to choose creative pet names. She didn’t even name me, the boyfriend guy did. As you might have guessed Feeshy Feeshy Feeshy needs a new name. Something better, something more appropriate, something with a little bit of character. Something aside from his species spoken with a funny accent. Boss Lady is thinking about naming him Fish in another language. Or maybe F3, for Feeshy Feeshy Feeshy. Kind of like R2D2. She doesn’t know what the F3 button on the computer is for, though. Me, I don’t care what the fish is named, just as long as I get my breakfast first. I am the dog after all, and dogs outrank fish.

Boss Lady is now accepting nominations for Feeshy Feeshy Feeshy’s new name. So far the nominations are: Fang (Boss Lady’s Mother) and Squid or Spot (Boss Lady’s Father.)

1 comment:

elaine said...

cat food is a good name
wanda- as in a fish named wanda- a funny movie my mama saw once