24 August 2008

Gas Powered

As I mentioned in my last post, Boss Lady and I have been biking frequently. As I also, mentioned these biking adventures seem to be doing a good job of taking the edge off my energy supply. They are not, however, exhausting me. Not by any means. These adventures hardly even tire me out, truth be told. We’ve been known to bike for an hour, only to come home and head out for a half hour walk, and even after that I’m not tired. Frequently my first action once released from the leash is too viciously attack Ted, which is something I normally do only when I’m particularly hyper and have no other energy outlet.

This evening after our biking adventure (which was boring as all get out) I was begging to play kick as soon as I had a drink and a quick rest to catch my breath. I gathered all four Mr. Greens (and how I managed to acquire four Boss Lady doesn’t know. I’m only supposed to have two, convinced Boss Lady to let me have three only because one was broken, and where the fourth came from I’m not telling) and proceeded to roll it around, poke her foot with it, and toss it at her (boy does she regret teaching me that trick.) After the bazillionth time I threw Mr. Green at her, Boss Lady wondered aloud where all my energy comes from. Boss Lady’s Father replied that I am gas powered. He has no idea how correct he is.

Lately, I have been very stinky. Not rolled in something dead stinky, but fart stinky. Imagine the stinkiest poo you’ve ever smelled, and that’s the kind of gas I’ve been releasing regularly. Boss Lady swears I have something dead in my stomach. She hasn’t changed my diet (though I regularly supplement it with things like soap or two of what might be the last four home grown fresh out of the garden cucumbers.) Boss Lady is baffled as to why I am suddenly so stinky, but I am on the verge of being banned from any room occupied by humans. That’s how stinky I am. Honestly, I don’t know what they’re complaining about, I haven’t noticed a thing.

Now, can we get started with this game of kick, already?

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