17 August 2008


This morning Boss Lady did a little better; she dragged out of bed at 9:00am. (May I suggest that retiring earlier than 1:00am might facilitate the getting out of bed before 9:00am?) This time when I raced upstairs I caught her nearly fully dressed, a full step sooner than yesterday. I excitedly escorted her to the stairs in anticipation of Breakfast (this morning I was not in dire need of piddling.) When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I raced ahead to the kitchen so as to already be in my appropriate Breakfasting space when she arrived moments later. Except she didn’t arrive moments later. Nor even a few moments after that. I was forced to retrace my steps until I found her, still at the bottom of the stairs. She was feeding the goldfish. I asked her what the meaning of this delay was, and she said she needed to feed the fish (in her words “Feeshy, Feeshy, Feeshy”). Excuse me? Feeshy Feeshy Feeshy’s breakfast is more important than mine? The just adopted a few days ago, won’t ever do any tricks, doesn’t even like to be petted Feeshy Feeshy Feeshy is more important than the loyal, ever obedient dog? I’ve been demoted. I’m playing second fiddle. I’m less important than a fish. Oh, the embarrassment of it all.

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